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Improve your profitability by transforming unloved systems into high-performing assets.


“Back office systems” can be the kind of term that end-users dread and senior management would rather leave to someone else to look after. We don’t think it should be this way. We believe that better back office systems can improve the lives of your employees and more importantly deliver proper, measurable benefits for the business. We’ve done this for numerous businesses to date and we can make it happen for you too.


An inefficient CRM solution isn’t worthy of the name: if you find you’re spending as much time managing your CRM as you are managing your customers, then something’s clearly gone wrong. Whether you have a creaking existing platform or starting from scratch, we’ll create a CRM solution that really does make life easier.

Stock Management

Stock management – and we mean proper stock management, can be an awesome thing. Done right, it can highlight exactly where you’re losing money and where improvements can be made. Done wrong, it can be a mess of disparate systems, data re-entry and paper files. If the latter sounds like you, we can help you regain control.

Sales Order Processing

It goes without saying that Sales Orders are the life blood of your business, with potential impacts ranging from delays in order fulfilment and drains on human resource through to irregular cash flow and poor customer service. Identifying where exactly the causes of these problems lie, and how to correct one without adversely affecting another, is an art. And one we’re quite good at.

Our Knowledge

We like to think that one of the reasons people work with us is that we think a bit differently to a lot of other software providers. We spend a lot of time cogitating, keeping abreast of best practice and reflecting on how things can be done better than the norm. We've distilled some of that thinking down into blog posts and articles which you can read here.

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