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Improve the efficiency and profitability of your customer management.

CRM Solutions

There’s so much more to CRM solutions than simple software purchases. Countless companies have lost days trying to fit their systems, their data and their company culture around a solution that just isn’t right for them. Often this results in a platform full of bad data that, at best no-one uses, or at worst, slows your team down, exacerbating the problem it was supposed to fix.

Our view of CRM solutions is different. Before we write a line of code, we get to know your business, your users, your data and your ambitions. We then set out the specifications of a solution that makes your staff’s job easier, provides management with key customer and sales data, and integrates well with your other systems.

Our CRM platforms are based on a tried and tested code base but remain infinitely customisable to meet your business needs. This approach results in a customer relationship management tool that is usable from the get-go and supports your business as it grows.

Some of the benefits of our CRM builds:

  • Identify valuable customers and prospects so sales efforts are more efficient
  • Integrate with billing and other back office tools to streamline sales order processing and billing
  • Host your customer and sales data securely on-site, in the cloud or at our own remote data centre
  • Track opportunities through the sales and marketing funnel
  • Provide detailed reporting via customisable dashboards
  • custom functionality based around your business needs and ambitions

We provide the CRM solutions our clients need and use. If that sounds like something your business needs too, give us a call on 0800 567 7259 or drop us a line via the form below.

Our Knowledge

We like to think that one of the reasons people work with us is that we think a bit differently to a lot of other software providers. We spend a lot of time cogitating, keeping abreast of best practice and reflecting on how things can be done better than the norm. We've distilled some of that thinking down into blog posts and articles which you can read here.

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