Keeping your source code safe,
no matter what happens.


As developers and as business owners we know it can take a leap of faith to entrust your business’s core applications to a third party. What happens if we’re not around in ten years’ time when you really need to add more functionality?

Well, we don’t plan on going anywhere. In fact, we’re planning on growing over the next few years just like you, so chances are when you do need us we’ll still be around. But to set your mind at rest, we regularly place the source code used in client projects – and anything else that enables it to work – in escrow.

That means it’ll be held onto in perpetuity (or as long as we agree between us) by a third party and released to you should something terrible befall us, so you’ll be able to ensure the platform we build for you continues to support your business.

We think that’s pretty fair and we’re surprised more companies like us don’t have the confidence to do it.

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