How we increased productivity for a growing business

Hydraquip have a large mobile workforce dedicated to providing fast, honest assistance when a hydraulic breakdown occurs. Sending out engineers to site within their one hour response time in fully stocked vans and completing repairs with minimum downtime are just a glimpse into this nationwide company’s daily tasks.

When Hydraquip first contacted Eigo, they were fast becoming the largest independent on site hose replacement service in the UK. Hydraquip had a lot of customers, staff and parts to keep track of. With all engineers still working on paper based processes the work load was beginning to become difficult to manage. Maintaining the reputation of the best is no easy feat, so we stepped in to help Hydraquip automate their systems and create an effective mobile workforce solution.

Hydraquip realised that as they were growing they needed a solution to keep track of engineers and create a more organised workforce. Their first focus was to get rid of paper. The goal by doing this was to digitalise the processes to save time. As they had so many staff located around the country, it was not practical to continue using physical job sheets that required faxing to the head office and being manually input by the office staff.

Upon them explaining this to us, we created a bespoke solution. The Engineer App, including features such as estimated arrival times, estimated work times, the ability to manage PO’s, view historical jobs and even an in transit selection.
Hydraquip also wanted to automate their existing back office system which previously required manual entry to collect data. The introduction of the engineer app was the solution for this and we created a function whereby the app “plugged into” the back office system and automatically pulled the data across.

Customer feedback highlighted another issue to Hydraquips old school processes; they had limited access to job information. We began to discuss ideas about solutions for this problem and came up with a job tracker. With the engineer app established it enabled us to create a visual representation for customers to view quickly to see which of four statuses their job was in. Job processing, Engineer travelling to site, engineer on site and job complete.

From seeing the results of an engineer app and job tracker, ideas sparked and the scope expanded to delivering a platform for the staff who manage the engineers, known as controllers, and admin staff to utilise. This became Job Manager, which is a multifunctional tool that automates 40% of job sheet processing enabling Hydraquip to complete more jobs with the same workforce. Other administrational tools within Job Manager include data management features, ability to view all in transit engineers, view historical jobs, view engineer images and also a controller dashboard.

By applying our technology to Hydraquip’s processes jobs sheets are now turned around and sent to the customer within a target time of 1 hour. Having a work force that logs and manages tasks digitally enables the business to easily collect real time data and create forecasts which has increased the efficiency and work flow of staff at all levels and improved customer satisfaction and retention.


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