Job Scheduling

Ensure the right people and tools get to the right jobs at the right time.

Job Scheduling

Efficient job management is something of an artform: The ability to understand, control and allocate resources to dozens of jobs, shared across dozens of staff every day is something many businesses can only dream of.

Eigo’s mobile-based job scheduScreenshot 2017-11-02 15.17.49ling enables you to improve the way your field-based staff manage their days – no more reporting into base to pick up new jobs, no more sitting in vans waiting for the next assignment and no more unexpected trips to the warehouse for missing parts.

With Eigo, you can allocate resources to jobs, ensure vehicle stocks match planned jobs and push job details directly to your field staff via their mobiles. But the benefits don’t stop there. Eigo’s platform enables you to build a complete picture of trends, so you can accurately plan common jobs, minimise travel times by grouping jobs by location and identify common problems. Manual collation of job completions and reschedules can be automated, enabling you to make better use of your back office staff and improve on the job efficiency, with real-time updates and syncing from mobile devices.

Eigo’s Mobile Workforce solutions have helped businesses like yours deliver:

  • Significant improvements in “1st time fix” maintenance work
  • Reduced time to job completion
  • Completion of more jobs with less staff and smaller van fleet
  • Remote access and updates to key job information while your workers are on the move

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