We focus on languages that are proven, fit for purpose and future proof, ensuring we deliver consistently robust solutions.


We could give you a comprehensive list of all the coding languages and platforms our developers understand, but we’d rather concentrate on the ones we actively work in. By knowing a core set of languages inside out, and focusing on languages we know are proven, fit for purpose and future proof, we make sure we deliver consistently robust solutions that our clients can rely on for years to come.

We build all of our back-end solutions using a combination of C#, Java, .net and Swift, all common languages that we know deliver the security, flexibility and efficiency to build the complex functionality your project requires.

For front-end development, we use html5 and css3 – both the de-facto coding languages for web-based platforms.

Although most of our solutions are web-based and can be accessed from any device, irrespective of its operating system, we also develop native apps for both iOS (Apple) and Android, catering for 95% of mobile devices in the UK.

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