Sales Order Processing

A proven software platform that's robust and secure, and enables you to streamline your business.

Sales Order Processing

You don’t need us to tell you that the sales order process can be rife with inefficiency. Lost paperwork, price changes, mistyped or unsynced data, unexpected stock shortages and customer credit clearance are just a few of the challenges that can add up to a lot of delay and lost profit.

Often, we find that just exploring our clients’ issues, throws up insights that were previously hidden. As often as not, what was initially thought to be the cause of sales order hold-ups was itself a symptom of a deeper issue. That’s why when we undertake to improve your sales order processes, we start with a thorough review of current processes and systems before making any assumptions.

Eigo delivers order processing solutions that enable you to gain visibility across the entire order cycle – from initial quote and order placement, through inventory and production and on to invoice and billing. Our order processing can be combined with our own stock management and financial accounting functionality, or integrated with your existing tools to ensure real-time syncing of accounts and inventory, removing opportunities for human error, speeding up approval processes and reducing time to payment.

Our secure, robust and proven software platform enables you to streamline your business with:

  • Direct synchronisation with financial accounting and inventory management
  • Automated repeat orders
  • Pre-defined credit limits and approvals
  • Link email Purchase Orders and sales orders via EDI and XML integration

If your sales processes are negatively impacting the business, we’d love to help you regain the control. Please give us a call on 0800 567 7259 or drop us a line using the form below.

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