Best-in-class infrastructure and a proven code base keep your business information safe.


Keeping your company information and applications secure is built into our development approach. Security has been a priority for Eigo since day one and is woven into our coding approach. We use proven code that we’ve built and continuously developed over 15 years, and that’s resilient to common hacking techniques. As it’s proprietary, the issues affecting more open coding platforms from rogue developers or plugin-based security loopholes just don’t exist.

We also use best in class infrastructure, with our own rack of servers hosted in high-security server farms, protected from both deliberate interference and accidental damage (such as flooding, etc.) and the most secure of cloud platforms and APIs.

Here’s how we keep your business safe:

  • Secure APIs ensure access is granted only to the systems & sources you approve
  • Next-generation firewalls protect our servers and your data against all the latest external threats
  • Cloud platform encryption of data, protects your business from theft or prying eyes
  • Two-factor authentication easily integrated

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