Asset Management

Asset Manangement

Survey, record and maintain equipment at multiple customer sites. The most efficient way to keep inventory of equipment and logs of equipment quality.

To get maximum ROI from your operational assets, you need to understand how they are being used throughout the day, every day. For fixed machinery, this is easy enough to understand, but for mobile assets, whether we’re talking vans and trucks or specialist tools and machinery, making sure you know where they are, on which job, and how they’re being used, enables you to ensure you get the most from them. This way you can ensure that the best asset is being used for each job, that those assets are where they should be, and that they stay within warranty / servicing schedules.

With Eigo mobile asset tracking, we harness GPS, RFID and NFC technology to develop a complete picture of your assets, develop plans for optimising their ROI, and minimise downtime.

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