Back Office

Back Office

“Back office systems” can be the kind of term that end-users dread, and senior management would rather leave to someone else to look after. We don’t think it should be this way. We believe that better back office systems can improve the lives of your employees and more importantly deliver proper, measurable benefits for the business. We’ve done this for numerous businesses to date and we can make it happen for you too.

Our view of CRM solutions is different. Before we write a line of code, we get to know your business, your users, your data and your ambitions. We then set out the specifications of a solution that makes your staff’s job easier, provides management with key customer and sales data, and integrates well with your other systems.

Our CRM platforms are based on a tried and tested code base but remain infinitely customisable to meet your business needs. This approach results in a customer relationship management tool that is usable from the get-go and supports your business as it grows.

Update your back-office system with our extensive modules that work hand in hand with our customer and mobile workforce apps. Track your engineers, view KPI’s and maintain records with simplicity. Scheduling is a common problem within mobile workforce industries, but this is something we can change for your business.

Real time engineer tracking lets you allocate jobs to staff that are nearby with the relevant skills. This module contains everything you could need for your business in one easy to use system. Stock management is made simple and all historical data including workforce down time can be pulled into visual dashboards

By using our back office, you will be combining your different business systems into one organised, integrated place meaning all information is available at the click of a button.

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