Robust internal checks and solid user acceptance testing ensure smooth implementation of everything we do.


You’ll want to know that whatever final solution we agree on, it’s been fully tested before you let it anywhere near your live business information. We’re acutely aware of the importance of that information and the risk involved should it be mismanaged. That’s why nothing we do is released without robust internal checks and solid user acceptance testing.

What does that really mean?

In effect, we have a three-stage process:

Stage 1: In-development testing

This is a fluid stage rather than a single point in time as, in keeping with our approach to development, we’re testing and evaluating at every step of the agile development process. This means that the majority of bugs and issues are spotted early and remedied before you’re ever aware of them. It also keeps rework to a minimum as the risk of continuing to develop on a flawed platform is minimised.

Stage 2: Full product test

Once the iterative development and testing is complete, a thorough check of the solution is made using a sample of your real data to ensure everything is functioning as it should be. All I’s are dotted and all T’s are crossed before we hand over to you for acceptance.

Stage 3: User Acceptance Testing

At this stage, we put the ball in your court – with support where needed – so you can be absolutely sure your finished solution does everything expected of it. We allow your end users to run the kinds of reports and functions they’ll be using it for on a day-to-day basis. Feedback from stage 3 will be used to make any fine-tuning to interfaces and functionality ready for final roll-out.

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