Ultimate Diving (UD) is a specialist online holiday business offering, as the name suggests, diving packages to every corner of the world.

Having grown organically since its launch, UD recently acquired Oonasdivers, a larger operator in the same market. With efficiency savings and knowledge shared across the two businesses, the acquisition was expected to enable both to reach their full growth potential.

Having worked with UD previously on their back-office systems, Eigo were approached to help the company get the most from the acquisition.

The Business Challenge

It was clear from the outset that bringing Oonasdivers up to the level of Ultimate Diving would require significant development work, as well as a change in mindset.

Up until acquisition, the business had operated with very simple processes and minimal information about its customers. As a result, the company was overly reliant on expensive Pay-Per-Click advertising, despite having a significant database of past customers. It had also made some decisions about its future plans without the necessary information to support them.

Eigo’s job was initially to understand what data was available and how that data could be exploited to make informed management decisions. Secondly, we were tasked to integrate Oonasdivers’ systems with UD’s existing systems and third-party booking feeds, to enable Oonasdivers’ sales and support teams to service more clients more efficiently.

“Eigo’s technical expertise and their ability to overcome the restrictions of the legacy systems we inherited, have enabled us to realise the value we always saw in Oonasdivers”
Thomas Blake, FMCA, Director, Ultimate Diving

The Solution

Having developed Ultimate Diving’s original platform, we were more than confident that it had the power and flexibility to deliver what was required to turn Oonasdivers from a business with potential into an efficient, forward-looking enterprise.

We achieved this by giving the Oonasdivers team access to UD’s CRM and booking platforms. This enabled them to access customer information, track bookings and proactively reach out to customers with personalised communication.

In doing so, we’ve helped Oonasdivers transform from a business reacting to inbound enquiries and with little foresight on the future sales pipeline, to one whose bookings now consist of 60% repeat business.

By integrating Oonasdivers’ and UD’s business information, we were able to give the senior management team the insight they needed to make key strategic decisions for the acquired business. This enabled them to roll back previous plans for diversification and concentrate on delivering growth in the markets that they could see offered the best opportunities for growth.

Business Wins

  • Business insights have enabled an informed strategy to be put in place
  • Sales teams now have the information to make proactive, successful sales calls to clients
  • Repeat business now accounts for 60% of bookings – from almost zero
  • Key staff ar enow empowered and supported by integrated CRM


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